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What will 2021 bring for the M&A business?

Increased demand for distressed M&A and sales for succession reasons!


We from Walther Transaction and our colleagues from our European network Transeo are entering this year with a great deal of confidence and optimism!  
In the area of company sales, we expect increased demand especially for distressed M&A, meaning sales of companies in crisis. We also estimate that sales for succession reasons will increase again.

(Mark Walther, Managing Partner, Walther Transaction)

Update: M&A and COVID-19

Why a transaction can make sense right now!

We observe that PE companies are under investment pressure and are prepared to pay high prices for companies that are essentially healthy and have good prospects for the future. For these companies we do not see a decline but an increase in valuation.  The decisive factor for the success of the transaction is the future the business model after the crisis. Our general advice: Every crisis is also a time of opportunities - provided the right conclusions are drawn from the consequences of the crisis. Continue to be proactive in transforming your business model.  

(Mark Walther, Managing Partner, Walther Transaction)

Bolt-on Investments in Germany

The vision of our partnership is "sustainable M&A"


Walther Transaction wants to be your local M&A partner for your acquisition projects in the DACH region and in Europe. It is important to us that we first understand in detail your strategy and your requirements for bolt-on investments. Afterwards we define clear medium-term goals and target criteria for your investments together with you. In this way we entertain long-lasting partnerships with our excisting clients on the buy side.

(Moneshia zu Eltz, Senior Partner, Walther Transaction)


Important: Create trust between sellers, buyers and consultants!

We consider corporate transactions between continents to be more difficult than before, especially those with Asia & USA. The differences can only be overcome with a strong presence of these investors in Europe or with European advisors who bridge the gap. 
I am more optimistic about cross-border transactions within Europe. The borders will open up in the next few weeks and the supply chains within Europe will work again. I see particular potential for transactions between Western European and Eastern European companies.

(Mark Walther, geschäftsführender Partner, Walther Transaction)


No crisis without a chance!

My advice is to be active and not wait until the crisis has been resolved. In a major corporate transaction in which I was a shareholder myself, this proactive approach proved to be exactly right. In a market with 18 players, where consolidation had been pending for years, our company sale was the first and most value-adding before latecomers had to sell on worse terms. So if you are considering selling or buying a company, start preparing for it now.

(Mark Walther, geschäftsführender Partner, Walther Transaction)

Company succession - a demanding process!

We create individually for you the best solution approach

It is important to prepare the succession process intensively in terms of thinking. The entrepreneur should develop clear ideas about personal priorities for the next phase of his or her life.
If the decision is in favor of a sale, the entrepreneur should seek professional advice in order to examine several options in parallel.

(Mark Walther, Managing Partner, Walther Transaction)