Your M&A partner in the healthcare sector

The healthcare sector is among the fastest changing industries and is directly affected by the following upcoming challenges and opportunities: demographic change, nursing shortages and technological advancements. In order to react optimally to these developments, we are your partner for customized transaction solutions (both in the area of company sales and acquisitions), including

  • Outpatient and inpatient nursing operations
  • medical and medical aids suppliers
  • Manufacturers of medical technology
  • IT service providers in the healthcare sector

We also advise investment companies on the acquisition and sale of their portfolio companies in the healthcare and medtech sector.

Your personal contact

Anna Grasser
Lead Healthcare

Phone: +49 89 230 2141 23

We would be delighted to get to know you in a first instance via video conference or telephone. Afterwards we would visit you for a personal meeting or alternatively welcome you in our Munich office.


In order to shape and influence the outpatient healthcare system in a future-oriented way, it requires committed and dedicated partners. In Walther Transaction we have found this reliable and trusting partner who shares aiutanda's vision and turns it into a reality.

Christoph Schubert, Managing Director, aiutanda

As a result of his high degree of professionalism and his engaged and collaborative manner, we hold Mr. Walther in great esteem and he enjoys a high reputation and full confidence with us.

Susanne Hausmann, Managing Director, Noventi HealthCare

Case study Healthcare

Successful sale of a medical technology company

The managing director and sole shareholder of a precision-mechanical special manufacturing company for medical devices wanted to sell his life's work. The buyer should be a strategic investor well versed in the field of medical technology. Financial investors were therefore out of the question as partners. In an in-depth sales process, the project team succeeded in finding a suitable buyer who would continuously expand and develop the company at its existing location. All employees were retained.

Further case studies

Establishment of a care group through acquisitions

The German outpatient care market is highly fragmented, is growing steadily in the mid-single-digit range and is increasingly being supported by political subsidy programs. These favorable conditions are driving market consolidation by the large nursing groups and financial investors.

With many years of expertise in the healthcare industry, at the beginning of 2018 a number of entrepreneurs began to establish a new group of outpatient care and intensive care services. This care group will be managed on a long-term basis, without any intention of selling and with mid-sized values. Sellers to this group benefit not only from an attractive sales price but also from the group's know-how, particularly in the areas of digitalization, personnel recruitment and management, and billing issues.

Walther Transaction was exclusively commissioned as a partner within the scope of a long-term acquisition mandate to generate a continuous deal flow for the care group. Supported by our research department, we analyze the market very thoroughly with the help of large databases, industry associations, participation in congresses and trade fairs, focused research work and our extensive network in the healthcare market. 14,000 nursing services were screened, analyzed and consolidated according to the client's acquisition criteria, and about 2,500 companies were then systematically prioritized. Following consultation with the customer, Walther Transaction is now also in charge of the telephone contact with the customer. In so doing, we search for and qualify care services that are willing to sell, which would like to join the care group and also provide consultation during the acquisition process.

Substantial expansion of the IT service group in the healthcare sector through transactions and business development

Walther Transaction accompanied the leading IT service provider in the German health care industry in the long-term process of establishing and successfully operating several business units:

  1. Maintaining market leadership in the area of prescription accounting for pharmacies, with the help of an acquisition, among other measures.
  2. The new business area - IT systems for pharmacies - was initially established through three acquisitions. At a later stage it was merged with a market player and a further acquisition was carried out. Today the integrated unit is the market leader in its segment.
  3. Prescription invoicing for other service providers was acquired by the group at a favorable time and was rendered competitive for the future through many measures and interim management. Today, this company is the revenue driver of the group.
  4. The decision taken at a joint strategy meeting led to the establishment of the "software solutions in the care market" business segment.

Transaction and professionalization of medical supply stores

Medical supply stores see themselves as several trading and service companies under one roof. Managing these requires various competences. When it comes to succession, more and more health care supply stores are deciding to sell their business to a group with a long-term focus.

The group supported by Walther Transaction has so far taken over two companies from the medical supply store/homecare sector and will continue to develop them together with the management level in a sustainable and future-oriented manner.