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Your transaction partner for the acquisition of companies.

Three steps to a successful acquisition

  • Phase 1: Analysis of the target companies and development of the appropriate acquisition strategy for your industry
  • Phase 2: Individual approach of all suitable target companies and their thorough qualification until the letter of intent is signed
  • Phase 3: All necessary steps up to the signing of the contract, especially due diligence, letters of intent, contract negotiations



The acquisition added another € 14 million to our European turnover and helped us grow our revenue in Germany significantly, giving us access to relevant German customers and technical know-how.

Gordon Yang, President, ZyXel Communications Corporation

Walther Transaction won the tender to accompany the acquisition of a competitor due to Mr. Walther's flexible project approach and broad experience. His professional input and negotiation skills helped to ensure that the project goals were exceeded.

Fabian Kohlbecker, Director Corporate Development, PERI

Your personal contact

Florian Winkler
Head of Acquisition

Phone: +49 89 230 2141 13

We would be delighted to get to know you in a first instance via video conference or telephone. Afterwards we would visit you for a personal meeting or alternatively welcome you in our Munich office.


Further references

Mr. Walther embodies the medium-sized entrepreneur and management consultant in the best sense. Thanks to him clearly setting priorities and very high level of commitment, he has made a significant contribution to the achievement of our corporate goals.

Andreas Lacher, Managing Director, VSA/VSA Group

Thanks to the long-term collaboration with Walther Transaction, we have already been able to acquire many more aiutanda partners, for example in the provision of medical aids and in outpatient care. As a result, we are getting closer every day to our goal of providing high-quality and modern ambulatory healthcare throughout Germany.

Christoph Schubert, Managing Director, aiutanda

Case study Acquisition

Successful growth through strategic acquisition

An internationally leading company in the field of formwork, scaffolding and engineering had previously grown purely organically. However, as some business models did not achieve the desired market penetration through its own activities, the management decided to acquire an owner-operated competitor.

This company turned out to be the ideal partner: both are family-run, have a similar cultural identity and common customers. The integration of the two companies will primarily benefit the customers.

Further case studies

Transaction and professionalization of medical supply stores

Medical supply stores see themselves as several trading and service companies under one roof. Managing these requires various competences. When it comes to succession, more and more health care supply stores are deciding to sell their business to a group with a long-term focus.

The group supported by Walther Transaction has so far taken over two companies from the medical supply store/homecare sector and will continue to develop them together with the management level in a sustainable and future-oriented manner.

Development and expansion of business segments through eight acquisitions

The vision of the long-standing client is to be the leading IT service provider in the German healthcare sector and to successfully operate several business areas. He has succeeded in doing so thanks to several strategic acquisitions, all of which contribute to the expansion of the group: For instance, the IT service provider defended its position as market leader in the area of prescription invoicing for pharmacies with an acquisition, among other measures.

The second business area - IT systems for pharmacies - was initially established through three acquisitions. At a later stage, the company merged with a market player and acquired another company. Today the integrated unit is likewise the market leader in its segment.

The third business area - prescription invoicing for other service providers - was acquired by the group at a favorable time following a restructuring situation and has since defended its top 3 position in its segment.

Finally, the fourth business area - software solutions in the nursing market - was established based on a deliberate strategic decision, for which an acquisition has up until now taken place.

Establishment of a care group through acquisitions

After the successful establishment of a care group in the field of outpatient intensive care between 2010 and 2016, a group of entrepreneurs commenced to develop a new group of outpatient health and elderly care services in early 2018. This group will be managed in the long term without any sales intentions and with mid-sized structures and values.

Owners of nursing services who are interested in selling to this group will benefit not only from an attractive sales price but also from the group's know-how, particularly in the areas of digitalization, personnel recruitment and management, as well as billing issues.

Walther Transaction systematically searches for and qualifies nursing services that are willing to sell; twelve offers have been issued to date.